After waking up on a boat with no idea how he got there, Aladdin, along with his friends Christóbal and Crispin, wonders how on earth he’s going to get home.
Three months earlier, Aladdin had found himself in Basra, visiting his old friend the Sultan. There he meets the Sultan’s bride-to-be, the beautiful Fatima. But all is not what it seems…
Aladdin comes across an old dying man who rambles about the old fantasy land Cinnabar.
Disaster strikes when the Sultan’s bride disappears, leaving him distraught. Aladdin knows he must find a way to get her back, and when the old dying man appears claiming he can do just that, Aladdin is prepared to bargain with him.
However, the price to pay for saving Fatima is a high one.
Aladdin must decide how much he is prepared to sacrifice in order to bring happiness to his old friend, and recover the princess.
But just how far is the wise adventurer prepared to go in order save her? Cinnabar is a gripping historical fantasy of peace, loyalty, and love. In a tale that takes you deep into the depths of the unknown, Diamond’s novel follows one man who must contemplate how to save not just a princess, but a whole world.


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