Cry for Freedom

Two men, one woman…1877. Natal, South Africa
Beautiful, free-spirited Sannie Riverwild has returned from years of schooling in Cape Town to find that little has changed in her home of Natal — including Pieter du Plessis, her childhood sweetheart who promised to love her forever.
Her own devotion remains unshaken, and she dreams of the day that she and Pieter will become one and make all of her dreams come true.
Two years later, Sannie’s feelings are no longer as clear as they were upon her return to Natal, and with the arrival of charming, dark-haired Scot Colin Stewart, she becomes even less certain of her feelings. But trouble will not stop for Sannie’s conflicted heart. Even the picturesque Natal is not exempt from the continuous expansion of Queen Victoria’s British Empire and the country is soon in crippling agony.
As bold as any pioneer, and fiercely devoted to those she loves, Sannie is prepared to go to the ends of the earth to protect her family — and their land. For in Natal, the land is their promise, their power, and in their destiny.
From the deep oceans of grass to the towering purple mountains, the colonists and Zulu warriors clash in bloodstained battle…
Despite being surrounded by increasing conflict and turmoil, it is the war within that consumes the reckless Sannie, whose love and memories of Pieter, the lean, blue-eyed soldier who claimed her soul, and Colin, the handsome Scot who stole her heart, clash against each other.
United against a shared enemy, divided by a shared love, they are hers to cherish and to command — until the day that she must choose once and for all…

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