The Haven

After hundreds of years of scheming and waiting, creatures are set to come surging across the broad land to the very outskirts of the remaining bastion of human life.
They were a howling horde of cunning wild dogs and savage, blood-thirsty bats united now with only one goal in mind — to destroy their enemy: thousands of doomed men, women and children.
It would be a massacre so vicious, so horrible and so complete that they would finally be able to rule the world unopposed forever.
It is up to one young man to lead a small expedition of hardy warriors against them. Together they must find a way out to rescue humanity from the savage claws of these unstoppable beasts.
But they are greatly outnumbered, and they are all alone.
Fate and prophecy are now their only hope.
And one man is all that stands between them and oblivion…
The Haven is a gripping fantasy thriller and cult classic from renowned author Graham Diamond.


Book one of The Empire Princess Series

Book two of The Empire Princess Series

Book three of The Empire Princess Series

Book four of The Empire Princess Series

The Empire Princess Set

The Haven- Paperback

Forest Wars- Kindle
The Haven
Redone as an Epic

Forest Wars- Paperback
The Haven
Redone as an Epic

Lady of the Haven-Paperback

Lady of the Haven-
Hard Cover
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