The Thief of Kalimar

A thief of thieves…
In the Jandari, where Kalimar’s wealthy sought the pleasures of the night, Ramagar preyed upon their purses.
From a single game of jackals and hounds, the scimitar was his. Golden and bejeweled, Ramagar, the thief of thieves had acquired the ultimate treasure.
But such a mysterious bounty would lead Ramagar and his lover, the beautiful dancer Mariana, on a dangerous journey to a cold Northern land beyond Kalimar which was shrouded in evil.
Now begins their quest to free the once-proud land from the evil that has descended upon it, shrouding its fortune for centuries under a dark tyranny…
The Thief of Kalimar is an epic adventure in a speculative fantasy world, filed with danger, mystery and fantasy – you won’t be able to put it down.

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